Annika Brack to steer ICFG establishment in Brussels

Brussels, September 20, 2023 – Tech entrepreneur Steven Schuurman and social entrepreneur Laurens de Groot, co-founders of the International Center for Future Generations (ICFG), are delighted to announce the appointment of Annika Brack as chief executive officer to spearhead the think tank’s presence in Brussels. De Groot, ICFG’s current managing director and co-founder, transitions to a board seat with immediate effect.

With technology rapidly transforming our world, ICFG aims to ensure that policymakers are equipped to address the societal impacts of emerging technologies. It therefore aims to provide leaders with the strategic foresight to best navigate the complex and ever-evolving landscape of technological change, enabling them to make informed decisions that safeguard the interests of current and future generations.

With her international career spanning the World Economic Forum, the German parliament, and corporate roles in the energy sector, Brack has a track record of driving policy initiatives and forging multistakeholder coalitions aimed at delivering such impact.

“Annika perfectly understands the intricacies of democratic processes, and possesses the ability to elevate decisionmakers’ awareness of the unprecedented societal challenges we face through emerging technologies today, which have the potential to disrupt life as we know it,” remarked de Groot.

Expressing her enthusiasm for the role, Brack stated, “I am thrilled to join the highly dedicated and talented team at ICFG during a pivotal moment when EU policymakers are at the forefront of pioneering legislation on artificial intelligence. We believe that the EU has a special role in addressing the societal impact of emerging technologies and in setting responsible governance standards: the ‘Brussels effect’ can extend guardrails and governance frameworks to tackle future challenges at the global level.”

Earlier this week, ICFG welcomed Paweł Świeboda as practice lead on neurotechnology. His remarkable career includes government, think tanks, the European Commission, and research. His leadership as director general of the Human Brain Project and chief executive officer of Ebrains positions him well to contribute to the development of ICFG’s neurotechnology program. Additionally, Marietje Schaake, international policy director at the Stanford Cyber Policy Center and a former member of the European Parliament, joined ICFG at the end of 2022 to help build up the organization and its emerging technology governance program.

About ICFG

The International Center for Future Generations, established in 2021, is a think tank dedicated to shaping a future where decisionmakers anticipate and responsibly govern the societal impacts of rapid technological change, ensuring that emerging technologies are harnessed to serve the best interests of humanity. 

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