About us


The International Center for Future Generations is a think tank dedicated to shaping a future where decision-makers anticipate and responsibly govern the societal impacts of rapid technological change, ensuring that emerging technologies are harnessed to serve the best interests of humanity.


In 2021, tech entrepreneur Steven Schuurman and social entrepreneur Laurens de Groot launched the International Center for Future Generations (ICFG). One year later, ICFG became operational, recruited the first team members, and opened an office in Rotterdam, Netherlands. In September 2023, ICFG launched its headquarters in Brussels, Belgium. The co-founders share the vision that powerful emerging technologies need legislative oversight to ensure they benefit both present and future generations.

Steven Schuurman
Co-founder & Chairman of the Board

“Technology is upending our world at a speed and to an extent that is difficult to fathom – even for insiders like me. We want to make sure policy-makers around the world are prepared for this.”

Laurens de Groot
Co-founder and Board member

Every advancement in technology should elevate us all, not be a tool for exploitation. Our children deserve a future where its potential is harnessed wisely.


Statutory name: Stichting International Center for Future Generations

EU Transparency Register number: 286697151251-49

Dutch Chamber of Commerce number: 82190720

Fiscal (RSIN) number: 86237027

ICFG is a Public Benefit Organization (ANBI) under Dutch law, and an international non-profit association (ASBL) under Belgian law.

Funding: We are philanthropically funded and intend to remain independent by not accepting any corporate donations or public funds. The Dreamery Foundation and the Tanka Foundation are currently our primary funders.

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