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Front cover of ICFG report "Five Emerging Technologies to Act on Now" featuring AI generated artwork.

Five Emerging Technologies to Act On Now Jakob Graabak, Maria Koomen and Max Reddel | March 21, 2024 Executive Summary From the steam engine to electricity to the internet, technology has had a profound impact on the modern world. In the coming decade, five powerful emerging technologies are poised to fundamentally reshape societies. These technologies—advanced […]

AAI Regulatory Challenges Part 1 cut

Advanced AI presents policymakers with some particularly tricky regulatory challenges. One of these challenges is the sudden emergence of unexpected capabilities in AAI systems. Policymakers and legislative bodies, as well as civil society, should be aware of the limitations of governance tools that rely on evaluating models for capabilities to differentiate low-risk from high-risk models.

The EU stands at a crossroads with the Artificial Intelligence Act. A key decision looms: whether to exempt foundation models from this regulatory framework or not. This choice is not a matter of European competitiveness – it represents a foundation stone for responsibly governing our technology-infused future.

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What is ‘frontier artificial intelligence’ and why were international leaders sufficiently concerned by it to attend a two-day summit? We take a look at what differentiates frontier AI from other forms of AI, and why even its developers don’t fully understand how it works.

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Max has been with ICFG since 22/11/2022. During his time as an Advanced AI researcher, he has demonstrated exceptional skills and a profound commitment to his field. Because of his ability to work collaboratively with the team, to formulate an ambitious strategy for the program combined with excellent people skills, he receives enthusiastic support in his new role from all of us at ICFG.

Pawel Swieboda

The International Center for Future Generations (ICFG) is honored to welcome Pawel Świeboda as practice lead for neurotechnology.

Marietje Schaake

The International Center for Future Generations (ICFG) is proud to announce the appointment of Marietje Schaake as practice lead for its work on emerging technology governance.

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