New Report Outlines Five Technologies Critical for Next Ten Years

Brussels, Belgium – 2024/03/21. Ahead of a pivotal EU election in June, the International Center for Future Generations (ICFG) is releasing a new report highlighting the high impact, low oversight emerging technologies that are poised to reshape society in the coming decade.

These technologies—neurotechnology, biotechnology, climate interventions such as solar radiation management, quantum technologies, and advanced artificial intelligence—could rapidly develop in mutually reinforcing ways. Each has the potential to impact the lives of billions around the world, for better or worse. In this age of accelerating innovation, governments and institutions like the European Union must step up to face rapid technological change by ensuring proper guardrails, effective enforcement, and public oversight are in place to safeguard the safety, human rights, and democratic values of generations to come.

Read the full report here.

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About ICFG

The International Center for Future Generations (ICFG) is an independent think-and-do tank dedicated to shaping a future where decision-makers anticipate and responsibly govern the societal impacts of rapid technological change, ensuring that emerging technologies are harnessed to serve the best interests of humanity.

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