Climate Interventions: Program Factsheet

Climate Interventions: Program Factsheet

As the planet continues to heat up and the impacts of climate change worsen, there is growing interest in emerging climate technologies, including those that deliberately engineer the climate. These technological interventions could quickly lower global temperatures at a low direct cost, but their impacts are far too uncertain for deployment and could introduce major new environmental, societal and geopolitical risks.

ICFG’s Climate Interventions team brings a unique array of international policy and research experience, plus a network of senior, trusted global contacts, to bear on its work. ICFG’s aim is to listen to and support EU policymakers as they grapple with the governance challenges posed by emerging climate interventions, specifically solar radiation modification, sometimes referred to as ‘solar geoengineering’ . These interventions could rapidly turn down the global thermostat, but also open a Pandora’s box of new risks and numerous geopolitical, environmental and ethical concerns.

This document is our high level briefing document to get policymakers up to speed on this issue and to begin the conversation about what can and should be done next.

UPDATED Program factsheet 10.06.24

Download the Factsheet here

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