Announcing: Max Reddel – our Advanced AI Program Lead

Announcing: Max Reddel – our Advanced AI Program Lead   

Brussels, February 2, 2024 – We are excited to announce Max Reddel filling the role of Program Lead for Advanced AI.

Max has been with ICFG since 22/11/2022. During his time as an Advanced AI researcher, he has demonstrated exceptional skills and a profound commitment to his field. Because of his ability to work collaboratively with the team, to formulate an ambitious strategy for the program combined with excellent people skills, he receives enthusiastic support in his new role from all of us at ICFG.

At the forefront of transdisciplinary research in advanced artificial intelligence, Max brings a unique blend of expertise to ICFG. With a robust academic background encompassing AI, policy analysis, sociology, philosophy, and cognitive science, he is adept at navigating the complex terrain of international AI governance. Max applies a firm technical understanding as a foundation for strategic reasoning. His work involves not just comprehending AI’s current capabilities, but also anticipating its future implications. This forward-looking perspective is crucial in devising effective governance strategies for AI technologies that are rapidly evolving. Max excels in reasoning from first principles, a skill that enables him to dissect and understand the underpinnings of AI development and their societal impacts. This approach is vital for envisioning diverse future scenarios and potential governance interventions that are both pragmatic and effective.

We wish to congratulate Max and extend our best wishes for his success in this new role.

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